Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 1, Tugas 2

Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Posted by Gilang1188
Other :

with count nouns :

an + other + singular noun (one more)
* another pencil -> one more pencil

the + other + singular nouns (last of the set)
* the other pencil -> the last pencil present

other + plural noun (more of the set)
* other pencil -> some more pencil

the other + plural noun (the rest of the set)
* the other pencil -> all remaining pencil

with non count nouns :

other + noun . count nouns (more of the set)
* other water -> some more water

the other + noun . count nouns (all the rest)
* the other water -> the remaining water

Exercise :

There are ten pieces of fruit in my basket. One is an orange, one is a lemon and another is an apple.

2. I have two pencils. One is black, and the other is blue.

3. There are four girls in my apartment. Two are called Casey and Amber. The others are Joanne and Lindsey.

4. this glass of milks is sour another glass of milk is sour too

5. My friend has two cars. One is black and the other is red.

6. My mom speaks three languages. One is English and another one is French.

7. There are eight pets in my house. Six are cats and the others are dogs.

8. My neighbor has four kids. One of them is a boy and the others are girls.

9. The army was practicing it's drills, one group was doing artilery practicing other was marching another was attention, and the other was practicing combat tactics

10. There are seven student from japan other are from iran and the other are from other places

11. We looked at cars today the first more far too expensive, but the other ones were reasonably priced